Yellow 1965 VW 13 Window Deluxe

This beautiful 13 Window Deluxe was manufactured in 1965.  The bus was completely restored and rebuilt by the current owner and his father with professional intervention. The restoration took more than four years and the result speaks for itself.



The engine is a 1641cc motor built by Jack at Wolfsburg Motorworks (sadly now closed). Every moving part of the engine was balanced and I cannot recommend that enough. It used to be that winding up the RPMS in the bus felt like driving a washing machine with a bowling ball in it. With a completely balanced crankshaft, pistons, balanced and lightened flywheel the car winds up better than it would have off the factory floor in 1965. You can stomp on the gas going up a hill and get on top of any gear rather than having to downshift. The engine has the stock air cleaner since it has superior engineering to cone paper filters and works with the crankcase breather hose perfectly. This also benefits the preheating function by reducing carb icing in the winter months. The bus has a Bosch blue coil to help give solid spark and solid starting. Nothing has been done with the original gearboxes/ reducers on the rear axle. For those of you who don’t know these were designed to provide more torque, given the smaller engine.