The Hanson’s 1976 Jurgens AutoVilla Deluxe


A brief history of Hanson’s Jurgens AutoVilla Deluxe: 
This vehicle was originally owned by missionaries serving in Africa throughout the 1970s.  They purchased it from the Kempton Park VW dealer in November of 1976 and it was used while they were in Africa until 1980. To get the vehicle back to the States it required some maneuvering, arranging for it to go first to Australia, then Hawaii, and ultimately home to Portland, Oregon. Sometime between 1980 and 1982 it was moved by the original owners to Bend, Oregon. Then in 1983 in was sold to a couple in Spokane, Washington, where the engine seized sometime in the mid-80s.  Those owners passed away in 1993 and a company bought their whole estate in 1994. This is where Ryan comes into the picture having been lucky enough to see the vehicle being loaded onto a truck where it was being sold for scrap.  “It is an ugly old VW,” said the tow truck driver to Ryan. At the end of the day, Ryan came away with a very rare VW that would give his family another 23 years of happiness. The Hanson’s camp as often as they can and you can tell from the pictures that this VW is a member of the family – not just an RV.

Some specs of our Villa:
– Engine: Original 2.0l dual carb
– Transmission: Original Automatic (yeah its a speed demon…)
– Top Speed: 72 mph (not recommended) the surface needs to be as flat as can be and you have to have a good 5 mile start.
– Cruising speed: 45-55 mph-again it has to be a pretty straight stretch, but it feels comfortable at that speed range.
– MPG: 8.5-17.5 That ranges widely because if its straight and not many hills it does real well, especially with a tail wind! Otherwise its like driving a fully loaded dump truck on a rally course.  But its an experience that I love!