Chris Carter’s 1964 21 Window Deluxe



03-1964-vw-21-window-deluxe This is a 1964 21-window Deluxe bus. It was manufactured on June 26th, 1964 and left the factory on July 7th, 1964 where it was delivered to San Francisco, USA. Chris has owned this bus for 10 years. He found it in Los Angeles and had it shipped home to Texas where it has lived ever since. Chris was attracted to this one because the paint and interior was already completed but the motor, brakes and electrical system all needed work. The bus was originally restored sometime in the 90’s but he doesn’t know who did the work and regrettably has no photos of the restoration process. The previous owner didn’t have much information to share with him.

The current motor is a 1679cc dual port with twin carbs and an oil filter adapter. The original motor ran OK but it was found to have a cracked case. Chris did the engine work, building it from scratch and you can see in the photos that it is pretty! At the same time, he replaced the wiring harness and rebuilt the braking system (with a lot of help of course) and installed the safari windows.

Chris uses the bus primarily as a weekend cruiser, taking it to shows and donating it for use in parades. It’s been in weddings, photoshoots and even a movie! “I guess the thing I like the most about the bus is the attention it gets. I make friends wherever I go. I get the usual nostalgic stories from people and I just had to get used to it. It’s all part of owning a bus.” – Chris.