1964 VW 21 Window Bus Turkis/White


This 21 Window Bus, chassis #1145145, was built on August 6, 1963. It was then delivered to Seattle, Washington. The data plate indicates is was a Model 241, meaning it was configured with eight seats, a full middle seat, and right side cargo doors. As U.S.-spec bus it had six pop-out windows, American bumpers and safety belt mountings.

Originally Blue White over Turquoise, the color change being the most dramatic of updates performed during the restoration by KAO Auto Styling in Las Vegas, Nevada. As you can see from the photos the bus now has a brighter White upper exterior color, over a stunning tri-tone Como and Phosphor Green interior. The rotisserie, bare-metal restoration saw all new Safari-style window glass installed, plus an upgrade to a 65HP, 1,585cc crate engine. The interior is fully restored with authentic German square weave carpet.