1960 VW Donut Bus sells for $123,200 at Auction

News – This 1960 VW Donut bus just sold for $123,200 at the Gooding Auction in Scottsdale, AZ. The auction winner was kept anonymous but I do hope to see this bus at an upcoming VW show and not just hidden way in a collector’s vault.

The Story of this bus is very interesting as it is preserved like a time-capsule.  In 1960, this swivel-seat Kombi Bus was purchased by a Dayton Ohio entrepreneur from R.B. Kuhn Volkswagen in Fairborn, Ohio for $2,269.17. The new owner envisioned serving fresh, made-on-the-spot donuts to local factories -primarily the General Motors manufacturing plants that dotted the Dayton cityscape back in the ‘60’s.

Jay D. Tyree, owner of the Rolling Donut Company in Springfield Ohio, who modified it with all of the fryers, mixers, and generators required for a mobile donut making business. Having tried several other vans, Mr. Tyree was quoted at the time in a VW advertisement as saying “full-size vans They just don’t work.  Too big – and they cost too much to run.  But Volkswagen works beautifully and economically”

The owner hired a “baker” to drive to the manufacturing plants and sell donuts.  All was seemingly well until the owner discovered that his trusted employee had been skimming from the profits. The owner was so disgusted with the situation, that he fired the crooked employee and sequestered the bus away inside a heated garage where it would rest, un-driven and unseen for nearly 45 years.

After being stored for more than 45 years and driven less than 11,000 miles, this time capsule hit the auction block at the 2020 Scottsdale Gooding auction. Selling for $123,200, this will surely go directly into a serious collector’s vault.