23rd Annual Madera Spring Fling

Held at the Madera District Fair, this VW event is a must! This year was the 23rd anniversary and the momentum continues to grow. Take a look at some photos of the event and let us know if you’re planning to attend next year. We’re always interested to know about the best events of the year.

Photos are courtesy of Joseph Ceppaglia







The Hanson’s 1976 Jurgens AutoVilla Deluxe

Ryan & Kamila Hanson’s Jurgens Autovilla Deluxe

I was most excited when Ryan Hanson reached out to talk about his 1976 Jurgens AutoVilla Deluxe, after all I have never actually seen one in person. So from my perspective I was emailing with a guy who had the equivalent of the Big Foot of the VW world. The AutoVillas were a fully authorized conversion made by the Jurgens Company in South Africa.  Approximately 900 were produced between 1972 – 1979 and according to Jurgens, the one that the Hanson’s own is the only one in North America. There are about 300 still in use, most still in South Africa, Britain, and Australia. There were two models of the AutoVilla, the Standard and the Deluxe. The key difference being that the Deluxe has the over the cab berth that accommodates a full sized bed.




Man’s Two Best Friends

Since I was young I have wanted very few things, but most importantly I wanted a VW bus and a dog to go adventuring with me. Man’s two best friends, his bus and his dog. This post is a dedication to our two best friends. Enjoy!


Source: Twitter

25 VW Kombis Offroad Ready

Being that it is winter and many of us still like to be outdoors, here is a tribute to the people and Kombi’s that make that possible. So here goes, 25 Awesome Kombis that are offroad and any kind of weather ready.


Source: user – Heftysmurf on TheSamba.com