1959 VW 23 Window – Sealing Wax Red & Beige Grey






Although the owner of this 1959 23 Window loves it dearly, it is described as far from a collector’s VW. As an example, the body is a blend of panels, a detail that most of us would miss but certainly does result in a lower retail value. The restoration process was thorough, complete from top to bottom. The color selection of sealing wax red and beige grey are beautiful. One of my personal favorites!

This bus does have all the iconic bus owner elements. The safari windows, sunroof, white walls, and two tone interior – all classic 1959 VW microbus! For those VW historians, you see the towel rail bumpers. 1959 was the first year these were introduced.

The details on this bus that I find most fun are beautiful dashboard, steering wheel, and radio restoration. There is just something so iconic about a VW bus dashboard.

1965 VW Westfalia


This 1965 VW Westfalia Camper is in beautiful condition. The auction listing states that it has 60,000 miles on it. Can you believe that?

The interior is original throughout and boasts the original date-stamped speedometer. This Westfalia has the original 6-Volt electrical system. From the images you can also see an original Sapphire AM radio. Spectacular! Let us not forget the original toolkit and rare full-length roof rack.

This Camper is well equipted and in great condition, thanks to a exterior restoration. This is exactly the kind of VW that takes people back to a time of youthful adventure.





1964 VW 21 Window Bus Turkis/White


This 21 Window Bus, chassis #1145145, was built on August 6, 1963. It was then delivered to Seattle, Washington. The data plate indicates is was a Model 241, meaning it was configured with eight seats, a full middle seat, and right side cargo doors. As U.S.-spec bus it had six pop-out windows, American bumpers and safety belt mountings.

Originally Blue White over Turquoise, the color change being the most dramatic of updates performed during the restoration by KAO Auto Styling in Las Vegas, Nevada. As you can see from the photos the bus now has a brighter White upper exterior color, over a stunning tri-tone Como and Phosphor Green interior. The rotisserie, bare-metal restoration saw all new Safari-style window glass installed, plus an upgrade to a 65HP, 1,585cc crate engine. The interior is fully restored with authentic German square weave carpet.




1966 VW EZ-Camper






This 1966 VW camper bus started as a rust-free California EZ-CAMPER bus and has since been restored using the highest quality camper interior items made. It has a powerful 1500cc single port 4 cylinder engine, which cruises at freeway speeds.

The new camping interior was imported from the famous RVTEC company based in England. They custom make cabinetry specifically to fit early VW Buses. Not only does it look brand new, but it maximizes usable space.

This bus features a sink and propane stove, an electric refrigerator, lots of cabinet space, a fold-out table and a fold down bed which sleeps two comfortably. The cabinets have spring loaded handles that keep the doors secured while driving.

The paint and bodywork is top notch, with no rust anywhere and an excellent Factory VW color Dove Blue paint job. The bumpers are new and high quality restoration items are used throughout.

This camper sold at auction for $11k USD in 2011, can you believe it?

1967 VW 13 Window

A vehicle originally restored to find refuge in the Verde Classics Collection, it is now in the hands of a private collector who purchased it at the Mecum Auto Auction in 2013. Powered by a 1,600 CC engine, this is the happy result of a 6-year restoration to superb as-original condition. Finished in two-tone Aqua with White greenhouse and roof, bumpers and wheels, it is fitted with a new deluxe Grey interior with seating for 7 adults and loads of cargo space.





66 VW 13 Window Deluxe by Bergvisions

I have been following the build of this bus via the Bergvision Facebook page for a while now. Each update being the equivalent of the night my favorite TV show comes on. And let’s be real, I am talking about the excitement you had preDVR and preHulu – when that feeling really meant something. In a world where busses are selling for $300,000 I think this one is the way to go. The asking price on this one is $25k, and considering all that is brand new on this one I think you’re getting a deal. I am excited to see the comments on the paint color, it’s been haunting me in my dreams. Great job Bergvision, looking forward to your creation!




1964 Volkswagen Camper 21 Window Samba Deluxe





Details about this Camper
1964 21 Window Walk Through Transporter + Sunroof

Engine, 1776cc engine, 1303s gearbox. Twin 40DCNF Weber carbs, remote oil filter, remote oil cooler, Vintage Speed exhaust. Rev Counter, Oil Pressure Gauge, Oil Temp. Gauge.

Custom, Lowered ride height with narrowed ‘Weedeater’ front beam, Creative Engineering steering rack conversion, IRS conversion, Cross drilled CSP front brake discs, 3/1303s wide rear brake drums, Empi Sprintstar alloys, Leisure battery & 240v pick up. Creative Engineering front safari’s and side pop outs, Stainless steel roof rack.

This Camper has won many awards and been featured numerous times:

– 2012 – BUS JAM -Best of Show
– 2012 WHITENOISE VW FESTIVAL – Best of Show – Best Split Screen – Best T2 – Visitors Choice
– 2013 (August) WHITENOISE VW FESTIVAL – Best of Show – Best Air-Cooled – Best Interior.
– And more…

Record Breaking Bus Sells at Barrett-Jackson for $302k


Watch as this bus sells for $302,500 at live Barrett-Jackson auction.








 This 1965 VW 21-window Deluxe Bus recently sold at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale, AZ auction for $302,500. This bus has undergone a complete restoration by Kindig-it Design and was featured on Velocity Channel’s “Bitchin’ Rides.” The body on this bus has been restored to perfection, and body paint is outstandingly finished in Mercedes Black and Bentley Magnolia White. The interior design and installation was done by Sew Fine of Denver, CO. More about Sew Fine and a full feature on their portion of the build on page 2 of this article.

The engine is a very street capable 1915cc sporting 120hp and 4-speed transaxle. It has front and rear Airkewld disc and custom 17″ wheels. The Kicker car audio is awesome and hidden throughout the cabin. All windows are safari and pop-outs finished in chrome.

Chris Carter’s 1964 21 Window Deluxe


This is a 1964 21-window Deluxe bus. It was manufactured on June 26th, 1964 and left the factory on July 7th, 1964 where it was delivered to San Francisco, USA. Chris has owned this bus for 10 years. He found it in Los Angeles and had it shipped home to Texas where it has lived ever since. Chris was attracted to this one because the paint and interior was already completed but the motor, brakes and electrical system all needed work. The bus was originally restored sometime in the 90’s but he doesn’t know who did the work and regrettably has no photos of the restoration process. The previous owner didn’t have much information to share with him.

The current motor is a 1679cc dual port with twin carbs and oil filter adapter. The original motor ran OK but it was found to have a cracked case. Chris did the engine work, building it from scratch and you can see in the photos that it is pretty! At the same time he replaced the wiring harness and rebuilt the braking system (with a lot of help of course) and installed the safari windows.

Chris uses the bus primarily as a weekend cruiser, taking it to shows and donating it for use in parades. It’s been in weddings, photoshoots and even a movie! “I guess the thing I like the most about the bus is the attention it gets. I make friends wherever I go. I get the usual nostalgic stories from people and I just had to get used to it. It’s all part of owning a bus.” – Chris.

Artist and Music Inspired VWs.

If you’re like me it is very possible that the first VW bus or camper you were exposed to was at a concert or festival. And with that came the understanding that, for some, music and art was more than something you merely do. It is the desire to create and express. It is this need to express and create that inspired the following VWs. Enjoy!






Source: 1968 Grateful Dead Inspired VW

Yellow 1965 VW 13 Window Deluxe

This beautiful 13 Window Deluxe was manufactured in 1965.  The bus was completely restored and rebuilt by the current owner and his father with professional intervention. The restoration took more than four years and the result speaks for itself.



The engine is a 1641cc motor built by Jack at Wolfsburg Motorworks (sadly now closed). Every moving part of the engine was balanced and I cannot recommend that enough. It used to be that winding up the RPMS in the bus felt like driving a washing machine with a bowling ball in it. With a completely balanced crankshaft, pistons, balanced and lightened flywheel the car winds up better than it would have off the factory floor in 1965. You can stomp on the gas going up a hill and get on top of any gear rather than having to downshift. The engine has the stock air cleaner since it has superior engineering to cone paper filters and works with the crankcase breather hose perfectly. This also benefits the preheating function by reducing carb icing in the winter months. The bus has a Bosch blue coil to help give solid spark and solid starting. Nothing has been done with the original gearboxes/ reducers on the rear axle. For those of you who don’t know these were designed to provide more torque, given the smaller engine.